[Node] Unable to get response times for our MySQL DB running on AWS RDS

We have deployed New Relic to monitor one of our Node.JS applications running on AWS.
The app is running on EC2 and the DB is on RDS.
We are able to retrieve API response times and all the relevant data from our node.JS app but we are unable to retrieve any data from our MySQL which is hosted on RDS.
We followed the instructions as per the node.JS installation and setup guide and the process went very smooth, except we are unable to monitor the performance of our MySQL DB.

Please advise.

Hi, @yash7: Are you using one of the supported datastores listed here: Compatibility and requirements for the Node.js agent | New Relic Documentation ? If not, the agent will not instrument database queries automatically.

Hi Phil,

We are using MySQL DB in AWS RDS which appears to be supported by New Relic. The issue is, we are able to see the API response times but not the response times for the DB queries.

How are you connecting to the database from your application? According to the compatibility and requirements document, the mysql and mysql2 Node packages are supported. If you are connecting by some other means, the Node agent will not instrument database queries automatically.