Nodes Displaced From Saved Location

I have an observability map that contains many nodes so they need to be spread out and organized. After saving their location to a new position, when the application is reopened the nodes go back to their original location. There is no difference when the nodes are set to long refresh times too. This issue has persisted for the last few weeks.

Essentially, I am looking for an answer to if and how you can ensure the observability maps save the nodes in the positions that they are saved to?

(Sorry for not being able to include screenshots. Imagine a big cluster of nodes on top of each other and when they are spread apart it looks great but then when the observability map is reopened, they are back into one big blob)

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Hi @Thomas.Callaghan You’ve been waiting for awhile to get some feedback on this one. Thank you for your patience! I’m going to tag in @jsius and @mfrederick to see if they are able to help.

:wave: Hi @Thomas.Callaghan Thanks for raising this with us. You’re not alone, there is an active discussion going on in Github with respect to this problem, see .

If you have some additional information to add on the issue, the maintainers of that repository would really appreciate it!