Non web transaction monitoring

Hi team,

I really could use a help to make the non-web transactions to be visible in the APM. We use the phpagent. All the web transactions come without any issues.

Thank You.

Hi @kar

I see you are having issues with making non-web transactions visible in APM for your php agent. It would be very helpful if you could please share a permalink to the policy so that we can take a look at what’s going on and dive deeper with you.

Hi @fhetherington

This is our Production app. We have a lot of cronjobs working.[end]=1523639304&tw[start]=1523637504

And this is the testing app where I’m trying to troubleshoot[end]=1523639479&tw[start]=1523553079

The URL for this testing app is
If you click around, all web transactions will show up.

But the cronjobs or manually run commands aren’t coming.

Thank You

Hey @kar

Thanks for sending over those links! I see that indeed there are no non-web transactions reporting.

I think a good step here is to gather some verbose logs - so we can see what the New Relic agent is sending over.
I’m going to create a support ticket on your behalf in which we can get some logs from you.

Watch out an email regarding the ticket! :e-mail:

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