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Not able to create support tickets


Hi there, Is the creating support ticket link has been removed ? I see a new link populating when I click and it points to our Explorer’s Hub.

@RyanVeitch @philweber

I can see a ticket created till now when I click against my name on Right Side Top Corner.



With the new UI update, I cannot determine how to log a new ticket either.

Correction, if you click one of the “What do you need help with” icons, it starts the create a ticket process. Although making the permalink to the account mandatory may not be helpful in getting some advice where you have not set anything up yet?

Cannot create support tickets anymore

Hey @moses.arock - We are looking into potential problems with the support page at the moment.

Thanks for reporting this. :slight_smile:


@stefan_garnham - @moses.arock

Sorry about that - you should be good to go again now though. Let us know if you see any further trouble creating Support Tickets. :slight_smile:


It could be due to it being Friday afternoon for me now, but I cannot see anything which says “Create ticket” on the support home page.

I’m using Chrome 73.0.3683.103


@stefan_garnham - Hey Stefan - with the support landing page redesign, you need to click through to detail your problem before creating a ticket. In the screenshot below, clicking any option in the section What do you need help with? will lead you to a ticket creation modal asking you for the required information.


@RyanVeitch, looks like the issue is sorted now, thanks again.


You’re welcome @moses.arock - do let us know if you see similar issues again :slight_smile: