Not able to see any data after logging into New Relic

Able to login but can’t see any data. And I can see there are two accounts got created with same email. But in both the account there is no New Relic accounts are displaying which are tagged to my login.

Hi @Chaitanya.Busam Welcome to the community! :wave: Sorry to hear you’re experiencing login issues . I’m going to get a support ticket open for you and someone from our Support team will be able to assist you with this.

Hi Team,

My Admin has removed my email id form the all below list of accounts that has been mapped earlier.
CT Corp
Wolters Kluwer_37

NRAI-NonProduction - NonProduction

But still I am facing the same issue when I try to login getting a popup as" Multiple accounts found. Verify your email to view all your accounts." And I can see there are still two accounts with same email.

I request you to please check if my email id is mapped to any other account apart from the list mentioned above. If it’s mapped could you please delete the mapping. If not please remove my account completely, so that i request my Admin to add my account and to map the above accounts.

Could you please do this need full help.


@Chaitanya.Busam Our support account team will continue to work this out with you via the ticket that is currently open. Thanks :slight_smile: