Not able to see custom attribute

Hi, I am setting the custom attribute in new relic and intentionally crashing it. During crash I am able to see the custom attribute in the filter section of crash analysis. But after a few days both the crash and custom attribute from filter disappeared. Also, I am not able to see this custom attribute in query builder. Can you pls suggest the probable cause for this?

private fun addCustomAttriToNewRelic() {
    val ca = getCustomAttri()
    val setAttribute = NewRelic.setAttribute("customAttri", ca)
    Log.d(TAG, "addCustomAttriToNewRelic: $setAttribute, $ca")

Hey @sumesh.pandit

I can certainly take a closer look! Can you please provide the name of your app in New Relic, or share a link?

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Hey @sumesh.pandit

I can confirm that I did not see any of these attributes when querying mobile events. If the attributes are reporting and not appearing, it might be helpful to verify the data that is sent using agent logs and a proxy trace.

If the data post appears otherwise successful, I can have our engineering team look further through the pipeline to determine why it is not available in the dashboard.

Can you please verify if the attribute is 1) set successfully, 2) sent successfully? I’ve linked some docs with an overview of Charles Proxy and agent logging setup.

Charles Proxy

Android agent logs: