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Not able to take test New Relic Certified Performance Pro


Hi Team,

When I try to take the newrelic certification test, I’m not able to take it. When i click on take the test, it loads for sometime and redirects me to error page.

Help would be appreciated.


Hey @v-rajapr-pho - I just took the certification test (and failed :frowning: I need to brush up on my APM knowledge)

The test worked fine for me… can you confirm your environment? Maybe try an incognito window, or in a new browser?

Let us know if that works for you?


Hey @RyanVeitch, I was able to take the test in a private window and I have cleared the test.



Awesome! Congrats - and thanks for keeping us updated.

Thanks also for marking this thread solved. :slight_smile:


I had a similar issue yesterday when I tried re-taking the exam.
The first time, I got a similar error to the screenshot v-rajapr-pho provided.
The second time, I was reviewing my answers when the browser crashed on me.
I’ve had so many problems trying to take and complete this exam, except for the first time, in which I failed the exam.


That’s really odd - I’ll get this post sent over to the team that manages the exam & see if they’re aware of any issues.

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