Not all visible dashboards returned by API

We’re having problems fetching all our visible dashboards using the Insights API. We have about 10-15 dashboards, but when we use the API explorer to execute a curl command, we only get 6 dashboards. Is there something not set right? Is there perhaps a permission issue?

Example curl command:
curl -X GET ‘
-G -d ‘per_page=50’

When I tried this in the past, I found that dashboards which have multiple pages are not detected by the REST API; perhaps this is the same issue you’re facing?

If that’s the case, it looks like NR recently added support for multi-paged dashboards as part of the GraphQL API (aka Nerdgraph). Link to the announcement.

Dashboard with multiple pages are “data apps” in insights. The rest API does not support data apps, that is why they are not showing. The Nerdgraph API should show them to you without an issue.