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Not authorized for account - R2 - unable to use my account



Can one give me a hand with this error: “not authorized for account - R2”?

I signed up a while ago via Microsoft Azure. I set up some monitors and let it run.
In the meantime the service is not available anymore with Azure but somehow I am able to login. However, when I try to change something I get this “not authorized for account - R2” error and can’t do anything.

The monitors seems to have some error and I’m receiving lots of emails from the system.

Any help is appreciated!
Thank you!


Hi there @dctinmario, and welcome to the Explorers Hub!

Sorry to hear that you are getting those error emails. I would not love to have my inbox filling up either! It sounds like you have an Azure Marketplace account. We deprecated those accounts last fall, which would explain why you can’t access it any longer.

We’re going to need to get some more information from you, so I am going to open a support ticket and have one of our support engineers get that account squared away for you. Let us know if you do not receive an email with more information.


Hello @hross!

I’m experiencing the same error, but I’m not sure if I signed up with Azure or not. I was not able to find any method of opening a new ticket either as you’re proposing as a solution. Hope reaching out through the forums is going to help!



Hey @henrik.skogmo - These issues are best handled by our account experts, so I’ll open up the support ticket for you. Watch out for the email you’ll receive for that. :smiley: