Not being able to log in with different browsers, cellphone, etc

Good morning! I’m having this issue for some days. I tried to log in, but got an error saying that the password was incorrect. I haven’t changed it’s password. I tried a variety of ways to log in, but with no success. Using the phone app, incognito mode, changing the ISP, changing the internet browser, nothing worked. Got the same error in everyone of them. I’d like to know my account is suffering an IP block, use restriction or something similar. Can you guys help us?

Hi @developer236

Thanks for reaching out, I hope you are well.

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I note that your profile is connected to 2 accounts both account id 3242521 & 2767117. Can you confirm it is one of these account ids you are having issues with accessing ? As it may that you are attempting to log into the incorrect account.

Additionally New Relic doesn’t do IP blocks to stop customers accessing their accounts. It may be worth selecting the forgot password on the account also, as it will allow you to reset the password.

Good morning dcody!

The account id is 3242521. I’ll try resetting the password as well.

Thanks for the help!

Hi @developer236

I did a little more digging and located a doc to help here, Login and password issues.

Note the doc includes guidance on how to reset your password.

Hi, dcody!
I tried resetting the password and still can’t access the account. Verifying the email didn’t worked as well. Is there something else that can be done on this matter? I REALLY need to solve this.

Thanks for the attention.

Hi @developer236

I have gone ahead and created a case on your behalf with the accounts team, please note they will reach out via email soon.

Should you have any additional questions or updates please do reach out.

Good evening dcody! Hope you’re doing good.

Can you tell me in how many days we’ll be receiving an answer from the accounts team?

Thanks for the support!

Hi @developer236

Thanks for reaching back out.

I note that an Accounts support engineer already reached out 28 November 2022 at 12:26 ( Dublin Ireland Time.

Please let me know if you have not received this email and also I would suggest you check your emails spam folder to ensure the email is not there.

To ensure you get New Relic emails, you can add the following to your organization’s allow list of trusted email sources: and * This helps to:

  • Prevent New Relic emails from being trapped in your spam filters.
  • Prevent your email from being added to suppression lists.