Not data for Netherlands[EU]


Configuring a new account for EU[Netherlands] for Dominostat[get HCL Domino server statistics], but getting an invalid license key error message. Tried with a US account and getting the same error. I found in your documentation, that, plugin is not supported for EU region. Does it mean that, if we use other geo accounts, we cannot get any data from the European region?


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Hi there @p-sooraj -

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You are correct - you can not view data from accounts in other data centers. Here’s a bit from our documentation:

You can create accounts in each region. If your data is currently being hosted in the US region, you must create a new account to store data in the EU region. You cannot view EU data from a US account, or US data from an EU account.

This doc has even more detail:

It sounds like you are hoping to use a plugin in the US region, but see that data in an EU based account. If that’s the case, maybe we can take a look at an alternative to the plugin. Our integrations cover a lot of the same functionality and more.

Let us know if you need more information or have other questions.

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So if I create a US Account I can not use the DominoStats plugin because my Domino server is in Europe. This is what I did. I created a US Account (2935867) and added the NEW Relic Key in the Domino NOTES.INI. After a while I see these error in the Domino Console.

[16B0:0091-1F94] 06-11-2020 09:49:33.13 StatPubFlushPostData> Failed to POST metric data using URI: ‘’; Unable to load specified URL.
[16B0:0091-1F94] 06-11-2020 09:49:33.13 StatPubFlushPostData> Metrics POST headers:
[16B0:0091-1F94] X-License-Key: 6d08db2XXXXXXXNRAL
[16B0:0091-1F94] Content-Type: application/json
[16B0:0091-1F94] Accept: application/json

I talked to other users in our community and creating a US Account works for them even if they are located in Europe. I will contact them as well for further information.

Hey there @j.oldenburger -

If your account is on the US data center, you may use the plugin, regardless of where your server is. It’s the data center that determines if you have the ability to use plugins. So I suspect there is a different issue here if you’re getting errors using the plugin on a US account.

Can you please let me know which plugin you are trying to use?

I try to use the DominoStats Plugin. Can not find it.

You did say that - sorry! I do not see that on our list of publicly available integrations: Is it possible that this is an internally created plugin? If that’s the case, you’ll need to reach out to your teams for help using it. We would not be able to diagnose or troubleshoot.

The Domino documentation mention the following. After added the New Relic License Key in de NOTES.INI the plugin should be created. This step causes the Domino server to report its statistics to the DominoStats plugin. This plugin is created for you in New Relic. This is not happening when selection APM - Plugins.

@hross, Thanks for the reply so far.
We are trying to use DominoStats plugin to publish HCL Domino server stats. It’s a free subscription with a new relic account. I am not able to update any link here, so can you search the topic " Publishing Domino statistics to New Relic" on google, you will get more information about this.
And from your previous update, I understood that customers can use the plugin’s with the US account even though their servers are physically located at the EU datacenter. Would request your confirmation on this.


Hey there @p-sooraj-

I am sorry that this fell through the cracks. Confirming that you can still use plugins on US based New Relic accounts.

That said - We do strongly encourage you to look for solutions in our integrations, rather than plugins for the long term. These will have party for both EU and US based accounts among other advantages.

So which integration should I use to collect HCL Domino statistics on New Relic? Ideally based on a datacenter in Europe, so our data does not cross continents.