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Hi Team,
We have setup Alerts for infrastructure monitoring. Let’s say Disk Used alert. On 4 servers there is a condition set if greater than 80% it has to alert. All the servers have crossed the threshold, but we get only one alert for a server, for other servers we are not getting alert.
Help us here to resolve the issue.


Hey @vishwanath.kolki

We may need to look at the alert condition you have created. Could you share a link to that?

Adding onto that - a link to the open alert incident would also be helpful :smiley:

Hi Ryan,
Where can i find the link, can you help me to get that.

Hi Ryan,

Found the link:

Thanks @vishwanath.kolki

I think I see what the issue may be.

If all servers cross the threshold at or near the same time, then they are all going to be blended into one incident.

Therefore you’ll only get one set of notifications.

As soon as the first server crosses your threshold, it creates an incident. While that incident is still open, any servers that cross the threshold after that will be rolled up into that incident.

This is because your Incident Preference setting is set to By Condition. So any violation of the condition rolls up into the open incident for that condition.

If you want new incidents (therefore new notifications) for each server, you will need to change the incident preference setting to By Condition and Entity

You can change the incident preference in the upper right of the alert policy page

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Thanks Ryan,
Now we are able to see the notifications.

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Great! Thanks for confirming