Not getting AWS tags from ASG instances

Hi everybody!

I created the integration with my AWS account and I can see all of my “manually-created” EC2 instances in New Relic One just fine. The problem is with my ASG instances, they have one tag missing. They don’t bring along the aws.accountId tag and I need it for customizing dashboard purposes.

Appreciate your help


Hello @nr-cloudops

Are you using Cloud Stream or API method cloud integration?

Hi @vhenrique

I’m using Cloud Stream


Can you please show in a screenshot the tags that you wish to see in New Relic being added into the ASG instance on the AWS dashboard, also can you confirm the instance name which is part of ASG that doesn’t have the tag?

Looking forward to hearing back from you.

The tag I’m talking about is not one of those tags you can create in AWS dashboard. I think this one is a NewRelic tag. Here’s a picture with the tag attached to one of my instances:

And here’s one of my ASG instance without the tag:


This only happens in ASG instances.

The tags created in AWS are tag.* nomination. The missing tag here, is aws.* nomination.

Hi @nr-cloudops

Thank you very much for providing the information required. For the instances created by ASG, you can find more metadata on the “Show more attributes” See the images attached:

It is possible to see the aws.accound ID:

I hope it helps :slight_smile:

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Hi @vhenrique

Thank you very much for your answer! But I can’t find this “Show more attributes” button you’re showing to me.
Could you please give me more info about it?


Hello @nr-cloudops

Sure, if you go to the New Relic One dashboard >> infrastructure >> hosts (original)

You will see the following screen: on the left-hand side click hosts and it will open a list of hosts, then you click on the little arrow on the right-hand side on the hostname, it will open down a list of attributes for each host, and show more attributes will be down on on the list, please see the image below:

Hope it helps.

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Hi @vhenrique

Alright! I found it. But, as you can see in the following screenshots, I still have the problem that some instances (ASG) don’t have this aws.accountId Tag:

Here’s one instance with the tag:

And here’s one ASG instance without the tag:

Thanks, in advance, for all your help!

Hello @nr-cloudops

Thank you for getting back in touch. Sorry to hear that you are still facing the issue. Could you please share the below:

  • How long those instances created by ASG are up on average?
  • Could you please verify if the EC2 instance that does NoT has the aws. tags are on the AWS/EC2 namespace? do you see those instances created by ASG on the EC2 dashboard on the AWS side? can you please share a screenshot with those instance/s showing on there?