Not getting emails for alerts?

Hello, we are not getting any alerts via email at the moment, could you please advise?
We have ruled out billing issues, any IP issues whilst also checking with our internal IT teams to see if any issue with emails within the business and they confirm there are no emails since 22nd April from New Relic.

Many thanks

Hi @kfletcher

Welcome to the Explorers Hub, I hope you are well.

Hum this is frustrating when you arent getting your emails for alerts. I have gone ahead and confirmed you are not on a suppression list, which can happen if an email bounces.

Many messages can end up in you or your company’s spam filter. To ensure your system recognizes emails sent by us, add and * to your allow list or “Safe Senders” list as a trusted email source. Also checking your spam inbox can be a good bet.

We also have this great doc for trying other solutions for solving this issue, please see Missing alert notifications | New Relic Documentation

Please do reach out if this provided helpful, or consider making the solution option. If neither provided help to resolve the issue, please reach out and provide a link to an alert that should reporting via email.

Hi thanks for the response, we have ruled out spam filters with IT.
we would normally had emails for the critical alerts but we did not, has something changed?

In addition, I have checked the muting rules, this is all as it was, then I checked the incident preferences and we have it set up by condition and signal.
Alerts are only going to slack and not the other channels listed. in the team we are unaware of any changes that could have changed this configuration

If an account is on the New Relic One Model the Notification type will need to be ‘Email’. More on that here.