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Not received server outage alert




We have AWS instances monitoring via New relic. We did not received alert for one of our server. Please look on this issue.

[Email redacted by admin]


@noc42 - Can you please share links to the Alert policy that hasn’t fired? And also to the host that you expected to alert for you?



Please find the the link for Alert policy and host.

Host : prod-app-db

Please let me know if you require any other details.



Hey Abdul (@noc42) -

I took a look in Insights in your account at the data in for that RDS instance, this link will show you the chart I was looking at. If you select the JSON view in that query results page, you’ll notice that the results of this metric are in bytes.

So, where in your alert configuration you’re looking for an alert incident as the value drops below 20, you’ll need to change that to 20000000000 to get the alert to trigger at 20gb

Currently your alert condition is set to alert when the free space drops below 20 bytes.

You can re-configure that alert condition here:

Let me know if you have any further questions.



I have attached the screenshot of alert configuration page. Please confirm that this is correct page where i need to change value.



@noc42 - yes that’s the right page


Thank You! for your quick support.

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