Not receiving synthetic alert

Hi Ryan,

In the Failures module of ping monitor I was able to see error - "NetworkError: DNS resolution failed for host: " on 10th Mar 2021
But for this failure we have not received any alert. Though I have configured alert policy for this monitor and it was working as till 7th Mar 2021 we are receiving alerts.

Can you please check is there any modification on sever front from NewRelic side.


Hi @ssirsikar,

I’d be happy to take a look into this for you! Could I have you provide me with links to the following?

  • A permalink to the Synthetics monitor failure (in the Synthetics UI) that should have opened an incident and fired an alert
  • A permalink to the Alerts condition tied to the monitor that should have been triggered by the monitor failure

Feel free to post these here (other users won’t be able to get into your account without authentication of course) or you can DM them to me!

Hi Masen,

Below are the Permalinks:



Hi @ssirsikar,

I’m trying to take a look here and it seems like those links aren’t working for me. I’m able to get to your account from my end, but I can’t access the permalinks. Could you provide me with the name of the Synthetics monitor and the name of the Alerts condition that should’ve opened an incident? I can do the rest of the navigation on my end. Feel free to post them here on in a DM. Thanks!

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Hi Team, I am also facing similar issue that alert did not received and can see error of Webhook failed. when the incident created. Same Webhook worked when the incident resolved. I would like to know the reason what happened why this alert has not triggered.