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Nothing captured in new relic if user killed app by pressing home button twice



Do we have any provision, if user kill app manually. So, applicationWillTerminate is called when a user terminates the app without switching it to background mode: the app is active, the user makes double press on Home button and throws out the app. In this scenario nothing being captured in new relic. Kindly assist on same.



I will be helping you with your iOS app question. It looks like you filed this under “feature-idea” in this forum. I would like to gather some information, just to be sure I am understanding you.

It sounds like are saying when a user clicks on the home button twice (this will take them to the App switcher screen), you are expecting New Relic to capture data for the current session.

Is that what you are asking for?

If this is not what you are asking for, please be as specific and detailed as possible in your response. If you can submit a video, gif, or screen shot flow of what you are describing, that would be most helpful!

I look forward to hearing back from you.


Yes I am expecting New Relic to capture data for the that session, when a user clicks on the home button twice and throws out the app (user kill app manually).

As per my understanding to post data on new relic server it require some delay that’s why data is not being captured for that scenario.


Hi @sbhardwaj13, you are right that it may usually take a few minutes to see the data reporting in New Relic dashboard. For iOS, app crashes cannot be collected until the app next launch.