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We’d like to get notifications using the Slack integration for both WARNING and CRITICAL events. However, only the critical events apparently fire the notifications. If the warnings are only seen in New Relic after logging in, they won’t be noticed, as nobody is going to log in to New Relic daily and see if we have any warnings there.

Ideally we’d like to set it up so we’d get an SMS (monitored 24h) or other notification and a Slack notification for any critical events and just a Slack notification for warnings (monitored during office hours). What would be the best way to do this?

One workaround I can think of is to set up the desired warning levels as a separate alert policy with lower critical levels and configure it to have just the Slack notification and then create a second alert policy that would have the real critical values and trigger two notifications; one to Slack and one somehow to trigger an SMS, but is there any better way to do this? I hope there is, as the warning seems rather unusable if it can’t trigger anything.


At this time it’s only for Critical but I can see how Warning Event notifications for SIack Integration would be very useful. I have shared this with our product managers. @joakim


I would like to vote for this feature too.

Hi @egidijus - I will add your vote. Thank you!

We would also like the option to notify on warnings. Thanks!

Is there a plan in place to enable notifications for warnings?

I have created a Feature Idea - Notifications on Alert Warnings

We would also like the alert for warnings too.

I don’t see this as a poll . We would like this as a option as well. No one wants to read ‘critical’ on an event that is only a warning , but we want warnings as a proactive measure. Watching New Relic as a board for warning is not always an option. Thank you for adding this as a feature.

Hey @SRE - Thanks for posting your use case! I’ll get your +1 added here. I recommend adding your vote over here on the Feature Idea too:

Add my vote via replying or is there an actual poll? Please let me know if there is a poll. Thank you Ryan.

Hey @SRE - There is a poll at the top of the topic I linked to. I did also add an internal feature request from your post on this thread too though. :slight_smile:

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Is this still a feature request or is this integrated?

Hey @aali - it’s not yet possible to receive notifications on warnings.

The workaround described here and elsewhere in the Explorers Hub go through how to receive notifications by setting up alternative conditions with a lower critical threshold.

+1 for this too.

We have a similar requirement - we’d like a warn threshold to send out a Slack notification and a critical threshold to page us.

By using the workaround of a critical threshold to get that Slack warning we end up putting the service into critical depending on the alert (e.g. APM error rate) which is not something our central platform team would want to see.

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Coming soon: Big News For Alerts and Applied Intelligence

hi. i still do not see any progress on it. warning alerts are not being sent to our notification channel. but the erros do.

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