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November 3, 2017—Post of the Week: Alerts, Browser, Java and more!



Hello and welcome to another

Post of the Week! :ear_of_rice: :ear_of_rice: :ear_of_rice:

Every week we highlight and thank all of our Explorers who provide answers to questions! This platform is for everyone! So whether you know a lot, or a little about New Relic, please jump in here and participate.

Below you will find the helpers I speak of—check out their creative solutions!

Thanks to @stanislav.flusov for reminding us about all of our resources:

Check out @wkiNewRelic 's solution to this API question:

Here is an excellent Browser workaround by @adam1:

Thanks for a pretty near perfect Java Agent solution, @johnwang412:

And of course the biggest shoutout of all goes to Community Hero @stefan_garnham! Stefan jumps in with solutions and resources all the time! Here is a great example:

Be sure to watch this Tech Talk on New Relic Alerts! We have a recorded conversation between @Tori and @chhavi posted here:

SHOUT OUT to all that received their New Relic Performance Pro Certification in the month of October!
@amit.mukherjee @AmyEB @bedigital @bernie_dieter @bkim @brookssw @David.Morris @dennis_holder @Evdog @hosamaly @jayson.conry @jbeeson @jdwhitmoyer @jlove @joshua.wraight @josue.tello @kmaier @kollac1 @miyazawa @murali_panneerselvam @naveen.morisetti @panninm @raja.kavalam @sandeep_pokala @seanspeck @skesterson @steven.datt @sue_reilly @abastos @acramp @acsubhash @agelinas

These ^ are your Certified New Relic professionals when it comes to APM questions. Feel free to reach out to any of them if you have a question. You will know them by their “Certified Pro” custom titles. :white_check_mark:

That is all for this week—thank you for stopping by! Thank you to every explorer out there who visits, reads, likes, participates, etc.! You help make our community fun and educational!

See you next time!