NR Alert Condition creation

I Have problem with Error output during Alert condition creation, it looks thtat one of alert condition I need to create is created but during creation I have output like below:

2020-09-30T11:57:45.931+0200 [DEBUG] plugin.terraform-provider-newrelic_v2.7.5: time=“2020-09-30T11:57:45+02:00” level=trace msg=“request completed” body="{“data”:{“alertsNrqlConditionStaticCreate”:null},“errors”:[{“extensions”:{“errorClass”:“TIMEOUT”},“locations”:[{“column”:4,“line”:3}],“message”:“Resolution of this value experienced a timeout.”,“path”:[“alertsNrqlConditionStaticCreate”]}]}" headers="{“Cache-Control”:[“max-age=0, private, must-revalidate”],“Content-Security-Policy”:[“frame-ancestors *”],“Content-Type”:[“application/json; charset=utf-8”],“Date”:[“Wed, 30 Sep 2020 09:57:45 GMT”],“Proxied-By”:[“Service Gateway”],“Served-By”:[“nerd-graph”],“Server”:[“Cowboy”],“Strict-Transport-Security”:[“max-age=31536000; includeSubDomains”]}" method=POST status_code=200 url=“”
2020/09/30 11:57:45 [DEBUG] module.tf_newrelic_alerts.newrelic_nrql_alert_condition.this[0]: apply errored, but we’re indicating that via the Error pointer rather than returning it: Resolution of this value experienced a timeout., null

Error: Resolution of this value experienced a timeout., null

Alert Specification:
module “tf_newrelic_alerts” {
source = “git::htt://”
policy_id =
alarms = [
name = “High active flow count on ${var.environment}”,
operator = “above”,
threshold = 100,
query = “SELECT max(aws.nlb.loadBalancer.activeFlowCount) FROM Metric FACET WHERE = ‘${local.apm_app_name}-service-nlb’”,
threshold_duration = 300,
evaluation_offset = 3,
operator_warning = “above”,
threshold_warning = 90,
threshold_duration_warning = 180

Its funny because this condition is actually added but throwing error, I cant push it to production env as developer teams will bring me info and my CI/CD that something is not working.

Do you have some advice for me ?

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Hi @kamil.suchorab, thanks for reporting. If you’re experiencing a timeout, one potential way to work around that is to adjust how many parallel requests are being made. You can adjust this with the -parallelism option when running the terraform apply command. I would start at 4 concurrent operations to see if that helps.

terraform apply -parallelism=4 

If this helped, you can try adjusting the number up and down to see what works best.

If this doesn’t help, we’ll likely need to know more information about your configuration such as your provider version and a sample of your provider config and samples of the newrelic_nrql_alert_condition configurations (sensitive details removed).

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