NR Browser noticeError method issue


I have embedded the auto-generated New Relic Browser script in my Cordova app in the section of index.html.

NREUM is defined in window scope. But there’s no noticeError method. Also newrelic.noticeError is undefined.

After passing additional argument to the 3rd parameter of the __nr_require function:

  • before: (param1, param2, [‘loader’, 2, 17, 5, 3, 4])
  • after: (param1, param2, [‘loader’, 2, 17, 5, 3, 4, 20])

NREUM.noticeError and newrelic.noticeError appeared. But calling these functions with new Error(‘test error’) did nothing. Also there’s no any information about JS-errors in the New Relic Browser UI.

Is there a way how can I debug New Relic Browser?
Or is it possible to download a debug version of the script?


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