NR Error but in our application we don't get 500 error

When check in NR Error log we get lots of 500 error but in our web apps there is no error or break of URL than also we do receive lot of error related to it, so need the assistance on the same that what is the reason behind of getting the 500 error. Also notice that every time while accessing the page NR don’t give error than what is the reason why sometime we get the error on NR where in Page or software link is not broken.

Below is the link which shows 500 error:

Hello @swsupport!

This is Reese with New Relic Support, thank you so much for your patience! Would you be able to send us a link to the application’s APM, or re-post the original link where you are seeing the 500 error? The link you provided unfortunately does not work.

I did want to note something that I found out that our side will return a 500 error if a request takes longer than 85 seconds. In order to find out if this is what is occurring, a look at the link would help, and then logs if necessary.


Hi Reese,

We are getting error frequently is there a way where we can increase the time from 85 seconds.
Also I doubt that this 500 error does not take 85 seconds to load, so is it that there might be any other issue which stats 500 error.

Below is the link which shows 444 times in just 24 hours:

Hello @swsupport,

I sincerely apologize for the long overdue response. Can you let me know if you are still experiencing this issue? I will create a ticket for you to investigate further if this issue is persisting.

Reese Lee