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NR JMX Monitoring with Windows Infra Agent



i am trying to configure NRJMX integration with windows infra agent. i have placed all the files as per instructions. i have even built nr-jmx.exe and placed in bin folder
NR_JMX_TOOL path is configured as env varibale and nr-jmx.bat and nrjmx.jar files are placed accordingly.

however when i start infra agent it gives below error.

time="2019-11-05T11:48:11+11:00" level=error msg="Integration command failed" error="exit status 1" instance=jmx integration=com.newrelic.jmx prefix=integration/com.newrelic.jmx stderr="[ERR] Failed to open JMX connection (host: {hostname}, port: 8890, user: admin, pass: admin, keyStore: , keyStorePassword: , trustStore: , trustStorePassword: , remote: true): exec: "/usr/bin/nrjmx ": file does not exist\n" working-dir="C:\Program Files\New Relic\newrelic-infra\custom-integrations"


Hey @Deepak.Bhatt2 , I believe you have a ticket open with us for this issue. Please do post back here when you get a resolution to your ticket :smiley: