NR Observability Maps automatic update

I discovered the NR Observability maps, which make connections between different types of entities, not limited to services.
This is an option beyond NR service maps.
But I have a question, is this kind of map (observability maps) can be automatically plot, and automatically updated, like service maps?

@loic.nguepi1 Thank you for answering that question. I’m going to reach out to @jvajda to see if they can assist.


Thanks for question, I’m actually trying to trace down an answer for you @loic.nguepi1 . I will report back soon!

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@loic.nguepi1 I confirmed that the current functionality for observability maps doesn’t allow this functionality, but it could. If you want to create a feature request in the github repo we can consider it. Thanks for inquiring about this!

Ok, thanks for your feedback @jvajda.
I created this issue on GitHub,
Hopefully, it will move forward as soon as possible.