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NR Problems on IE11


Please paste the permalink to the page in question below:

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Rather not to, on a ticket if needed

Please share what method you used to deploy Browser (APM, copy/paste, etc)


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Under Windows 7 or 10 and on IE11, NPM throws these SyntaxErrors

I could only trace it to this point, but since it’s minified I can’t know the real issue

Is IE11 supported? I can’t find the problem that is causing this. Please help.


Hi there @ekeller - We are taking a look at this right now to see if we can identify the problem. In the meantime, I did want to make sure that you know that sharing a permalink is safe since only New Relic staff can access those URLs. I appreciate your commitment to security!


Thank you very much @hross for taking the time to investigate this!

I knew the permalink could only be see by staff, thanks for confirming it, I also extended the period.

Just to clarify, this is because I’m talking in behalf of a company, if we discover something we can share the knowledge here to the public :slight_smile:

If you can’t reproduce the problem can we please open a ticket an share the url and whatnot?
Also just FYI, we have 292K events, for 2.1K users on Sentry for this one.

Thanks again!


Hey @ekeller ! It’s no problem to move this conversation into a private ticket.

One you get all sorted with our Support Engineer’s help, will you please follow up in this thread for the benefit of the community? I for one would love to hear what solution you come to. IE11 can be a… a thing. :wink:

Look out for my email!


We’ve been encountering a similar problem

Was there any solution found for this issue?


Hey @Ori.Levitan - I took a look at your account, and from that, your site. On the log in page I viewed page source and I can see that you are calling the New Relic script incorrectly.

Firstly the script is being called from an external JS file, rather than copied directly into the <HEAD></HEAD> tags.
Secondly, it seems like you are not pulling in that JS in the <HEAD> Tags.

This can cause anomalous - unsupported behaviour. Our recommendation is to have the JS snippet as close to the top of the <HEAD></HEAD> tags as possible.

Can you look into testing with that and let us know if you still have issues with IE?


Thanks for your quick response!

will look into it and let you know


Awesome! Look forward to hearing how that goes :smiley: