Nr1 cannt found, using Nerdgraphquery in NodeJS App to get APM Data

Hello Everbody,

I am trying to use Nerdgraph Query in a ReactJS,NodeJS application. so while i am trying to install nr1 and @newrelic/nr1-community using npm , it cannt found the nr1 packet . anyway .it seems for me that nr1 is outdated .

this is a e.g. for how i want to integrate NerdgraphQuery in my JS-App

this is the Error what i get in theTerminal in VSCode when try to execute “npm start”:

use-nerdgraph@1.19.4 start /home/dev/Dokumente/Dashboard/VSCode/react-app-dash/nr1-how-to/use-nerdgraph
nr1 nerdpack:serve
sh: 1: nr1: not found

Hi @abdullah.alshibly Welcome to the community :star_struck: I’m going to tag @jsius in on this one since it’s their article you are referencing. Hoping other community members respond also. Thanks for your patience!

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