Nr1-core ID to open query builder overlay?

nr1-core ID to open query builder overlay e.g to open search overlay it’s so for query builder I am searching.

Hi @husnain.sarwar, apologies if I’m wrong but it sounds like you’re looking for information on the query builder itself.

you can find that info here

If I’m wrong or if you need anything else, just let me know!

Basically, I am trying to open the query builder using a navigation overlay from my custom dashboard.


We definitely want to help you achieve the function you are looking or at least provide alternative options.
Could you perhaps share with us bit more details, either with a screenshots (please hide any sensitive info) or custom dashboard that you have built of what you are trying achieve?

Just as a side note for anyone navigating the UI. Once you are in the dashboard UI, at the very top on the right, you have an icon (Query your Data) to go to the query builder page.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thanks @hdolan

And I want to open query builder using my custom button by passing the query.

I just want to open the query in the query builder that is currently running in my line chart just by clicking the custom button. I have added the screenshot below.

As an example one can open the search overlay by using
const overlay = {
id: ‘’,

const location = navigation.getOpenOverlayLocation(overlay);