NR1 Dashboards Nerdgraph API is here

TL;DR You can use the new New Relic One Dashboards API to manage your dashboards and make use of all the features New Relic Dashboards has to offer.

Wait. What?

We are opening for all of our customers the new NR1 Dashboards API. So you can manage your dashboards and use all the power of NR1 Dashboards. The new dashboards API follows this unified approach and is exposed through Nerdgraph for user consumption.

Why a new dashboards API?

We have built the New Relic One Dashboards API to be able to manage all the features that the platform has to offer:

  • Pages
  • Multiple queries from different accounts within the same widget
  • Facet linking
  • 12 Columns

Moreover, it will also implement any new future feature in NR1 Dashboards.

How does it work?

You can find documentation about the new NR1 Dashboards template and how to migrate to NR1 Dashboards API from Insights API. One of the main benefits of a graphQL API is that it provides a complete and understandable description of the APIs data. By using NerdGraph GraphiQL explorer, you can discover graphQL types and fields along with a brief explanation.


Is it backwards compatible with Insights?
Dashboards that you will create using this API will appear in Insights. But only for features that are supported in insights. So no 12 columns,multi-query and the forthcoming widget customizations and custom visualizations.

What features are already in there?

  • 12 columns support
  • Multi query
  • Pages
  • Facet Linking

What actions are available now?

  • Get
  • Create
  • Delete
  • Update
  • Add Widget to page