NR1 - Observability Maps Nerdpack

NR1 Observability Maps

Intro -

Create an Observability Map that goes beyond the traditional service map, attach your existing entities, or create your own from any of the data available within the New Relic platform.

Installation / Setup -

nr1 nerdpack:clone -r
cd nr1-observability-maps
nr1 nerdpack:uuid -gf
npm install
nr1 nerdpack:serve

Visit, navigate to the Nerdpack, and :sparkles:

Support -

This nerdpack is supported by the developers. Please post questions in this thread, or in the github issues page:

The full NR1 Observability Maps Readme & Repo can be found here


I tried installing this nerdpack as I normally do with the other nerdpacks and got this error when trying to run nr1 nerdpack:serve

    x 31e24370-048e-4f75-8bf1-89f4e292cb0c nr1.json
      └ Property /id The id must be lowercase, start with a letter and can only contain alphabetic characters, numbers and hyphens. E.g: my-nerdlet-id. Should match the regular expression: ^[a-z0-9-]+$.

Any ideas?

Hi Peter,

Are you able to ensure your New Relic One cli is updated to the latest?
You can update it with:

nr1 update

I’m on 1.19.5 for reference and don’t experience the issue you mentioned with other users I have worked with.

Upgrading NR1 CLI from 1.2.2 to 1.19.2 using Windows installer worked. Upgrading using nr1 update didn’t actually upgrade for some reason.

Glad you were able to get it updated - I’ll report to the team that nr1 update failed for you. Thanks Peter

I just installed this from the catalog, but I’m also getting a new version update available on the lower right. This is a little confusing since there doesn’t seem to be a way to update the app.

Is there a way for me to update it easily?

I have bugs and questions, but want to check the latest version before going into detail.

Hey @6MM

It looks as though the latest edition isn’t yet in the App Catalog. So the only way to get the latest version would be to pull it from GH and publish manually using the NR1 CLI.

With that said, based on the release notes :
The bug fixes are related to CI workflows.

If you can outline the bugs you’re seeing with the nerdpack, either here, or in the Github Issues page,we can tag in the right people to see if these have workarounds/fixes.

I’ve had it crash on me a few times. I guess maybe crash isn’t the best word. The main window goes blank.

If I add some services and try to edit one of the links I can right click on the link after a few attempts and get a context menu with one item named edit. If I chose edit the screen blanks with an Ooops.

In one account we have some apps that roll up to a second APM app. If I add a single service to a new map and the right click on that node and add connected services I get this roll up app as a node along with many others. They all have links. Now if I go to remove the roll up node (because its not a real app) it is removed and all the links from other services are also removed. I have tried deleting the node from the map and also from the menu item and both ways removes the links between services. Net result is for the 50+ apps that roll up to a single app I cannot use the add connected services feature and that takes all the fun out of magically creating a map

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Thanks for the detail @6MM

I doubt I can be much help with this! I’d suggest these get logged as 2 separate bugs. Once for the crash occurences, and one for the roll up app behaviour.

Specifically the crashes one would require some detail on your environment (browser details mostly) would be helpful. So - to that end, could you create a github issue for each of these?

I tried installing this, but I am getting this error:

Installing dependencies…
Re-generating UUID…
x Error: Error on command: nr1 nerdpack:uuid --generate --force

When I try with verbose option, this is what I get:

Installing dependencies…
added 394 packages in 14.123s
Re-generating UUID…
Sending usage event cliError
x Error: Error on command: nr1 nerdpack:uuid --generate --force

{ Error: spawnSync nr1 ENOENT
at Object.spawnSync (internal/child_process.js:1002:20)
at spawnSync (child_process.js:614:24)
at NerdpackCloneCommand._runChildProcessSync

I updated the cli and tried from another location, but I am getting the same error. Please advise. Thanks.

I am able to install other nerdpacks like Top without any issues.

I was able to make this work by cloning an older commit

Are these nerdpacks supported by New Relic or is this a situation where we have no support at all? My concern in using these in general are that I do not want to have to take over supporting them for our internal users at some point. I appreciate that there are some good samples, but the nerdpack model has me a little concerned. If we don’t have officially supported apps from NR this needs to be super clear. It would certainly be disappointing. I have the expectation that NR supports any app it puts in the catalog with the same level of support provided for all licensed products.


Hi @6MM -

Nerdpacks - along with many of the Open Source initiatives in New Relic, are not officially supported by our Technical Support team.

You’ll notice in most of our open sourced repos in Github there is a ‘Support’ heading in the readme.

These, for the most part, are detailing that you can get support from the project maintainers. Not our support team.

For all open source projects that have a community thread (like this one), it will state that either the Github Issues page, or the associated community thread is where you can go for support. The maintainers should be following these community threads.

Hi @HPrins - Glad you got that resolved. Could you post in the Github Issues page, so the developers know you were having issues with the latest release?

I just posted the info on the Github Issues page. Thanks.

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Thank you @HPrins :smiley:

That would be great.

I’m not super excited about the support of NR created apps. The fact that they are open source should not mean that NR doesn’t take their support seriously.

Sure! And we absolutely do take our support seriously.

I think it’s worth clarifying support here into 2 groups. Supported by New Relic Technical Support / Supported by Open Source Project maintainers.

Supported by the New Relic Support Team…

We have always supported all products/features provided by New Relic out of the box.

Anything over that has always been best effort support. There are plenty of cases where users have taken some of the agents (those that have always lived in public github), and customised them to suit their needs.

These are some of those cases. The agent we provide is well tested pre-launch, any changes to the agent are untested, and can’t be guaranteed to work in the ways we document. These kinds of things have always had best effort support.

The difference with NR Created Nerdpacks is that there are a lot of them, and more and more being built all the time. It’s hard to make sure the support team is fully trained on supporting each and every one of them.

The support team are absolutely capable of troubleshooting many nerdpack issues… though that may be more generic issues with nerdpacks.

Supported by project maintainers:

But as mentioned, we do still take support seriously, and with that, the Nerdpack project maintainers are all watching their github repos. They are the folks who built the individual nerdpacks & understand how they work more than anyone else. So, they’d be the best people to talk to (in the Github Issues tab) for more specific support.

@RyanVeitch I guess my feedback is really that as a customer I feel that the support model choice is already leading to frustration. As a customer I don’t want to have to work with 50 open source projects and beg for attention from the project maintainers to resolve issues blocking our users from being productive or worse preventing visibility or resolution of critical application issues. From a customer perspective we consider these open source apps built by NR and offered in the catalog as part of the paid platform. If we cannot rely on the expectation that these NR built apps will be supported to the same level as all NR products then they are going to most likely cause only problems.

My suggestion is that NR pick their choice of core nerdlets to support fully and responsively and mark them as such so customers know that if they use them they will get support and issues will be resolved. Mark everything else as totally unsupported. Make it obvious and give us the ability to remove all unsupported nerdlets from the catalog presented to our accounts. I would like to prevent any of our users from seeing or knowing about poorly supported solutions so we can reduce the risk of future impacts.

It appears to me that the project maintainer hasn’t visited this discussion in at least 14 days. If they have they haven’t posted or interacted on the issues. That makes me personally concerned for the concept. For 14 days I haven’t been able to use this product. It crashes and I cannot create a map of my applications that use standard New Relic configurations.

I want this concept to be successful. I want our users to use standard support tickets for issues with New Relic nerdlets for visibility and tracking. I don’t think its a good idea to fragment our support to “off the books” ticketing systems.