NR1 Violation Command Center

NR1 Violation Command Center

Intro -

The violation command center is a consolidated warning/critical violation view that spans any number of configured New Relic accounts. Used to keep track of all open alert violations across large account landscapes.

Installation / Setup -

What steps are required to get up and running? If this is a long process, add in the basics and link back to the Github Readme for more information.

nr1 nerdpack:clone -r
cd nr1-command-center
npm install
nr1 nerdpack:serve

Visit, navigate to the Nerdpack, and :sparkles:

Support -

This Nerdpack is supported by the developers here in this community thread, or alternatively you can ask questions and in the Github Issues page. If you can fix the issue yourself, please do submit a pull request.

The full NR1 Violation Command Center Readme and Repo can be found here