Nrdiag FAILURE: DotNet/Profiler/InstrumentationPossible

I see no data coming from 2 production servers (32-bit .NET 4.6.1 windows service app, 8.16.567.0 .net framework agent).

Last item in “nrdiag32.exe” output is a failure, but the page it refers to does not explain how to fix that.

Failure - DotNet/Profiler/InstrumentationPossible
Keys needed for .Net instrumentation are not set
See for more information.

Same application does report data when running in sandbox environment. But on that machine nrdiag32.exe skips InstrumentationPossible test

Please advise.

This appears to be an incorrect or missing account key in the configuration file.

Have the agents been installed with an account that has Administrator role privileges? I have found this to be the solution to installation issues.

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I would also recommend reading Relic Solution: The .NET Agent is Not Reporting: A Troubleshooting Guide.

It sounds like nrdiag was saying that some registry keys for setting needed env variables are missing. Rerunning the installer and selecting its “Repair” function should correct that.

You also mentioned this is a “windows service app” - so non-iis?

If so, then you might need to run the agent installer and select the “Instrument All” feature. Also see for notes on non-iis applications.

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