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NRI Integration: mongodb - error log/status?



New Relic Infrastructure Question Template

Note that this is running a single-instance inMemory config without any authentication turned on

  - name: dev3
    # Available commands are "all", "metrics", and "inventory"
    command: all
      # The mongos to connect to
      host: localhost
      # The port the mongos is running on
      port: 27017
      # The username of the user created to monitor the cluster.
      # This user should exist on the cluster as a whole as well
      # as on each of the individual mongods.
      # The password for the monitoring user
      # The database on which the monitoring user is stored
      auth_source: admin
      # Connect using SSL
      ssl: false
      # Skip verification of the certificate sent by the host.
      # This can make the connection susceptible to man-in-the-middle attacks, 
      # and should only be used for testing
      ssl_insecure_skip_verify: true
      # Path to the CA certs file
      ssl_ca_certs: ''
      # A JSON map of database names to an array of collection names. If empty, 
      # defaults to all databases and collections. If the list of collections is null,
      # collects all collections for the database. 
      filters: ''
      env: production
      label: inMemory


Try commenting out the ssl_insecure_skip_verify and ssl_ca_certs lines.


Good thought, but no, that doesn’t help. Might have to wait till a NR support person can drop by the tread to see if this is even possible. @rdouglas, know who might be able to help?


Hi @AllCare, I notice you don’t have the first line in the config:

integration_name: com.newrelic.mongodb

Could you add this and retry please? If you could check your logs for any obvious errors as well that would be great as well :slight_smile:


It looks like a username is required. This makes it not possible to use in situations like mine:

time=“2019-01-16T17:14:01-05:00” level=info msg=“New Relic Infrastructure Agent version 1.1.19 Creating Service (966.368µs)”
time=“2019-01-16T17:14:01-05:00” level=info msg=“Agent service manager started successfully. (1.262076ms)” service=newrelic-infra
time=“2019-01-16T17:14:01-05:00” level=info msg=“New Relic Infrastructure Agent version 1.1.19 Initializing (1.481864ms)”
time=“2019-01-16T17:14:02-05:00” level=info msg=“New Relic Infrastructure Agent version 1.1.19 Running (347.522742ms)”
time=“2019-01-16T17:14:02-05:00” level=warning msg=“unable to use SELinux” error=“exec: “sestatus”: executable file not found in $PATH”
time=“2019-01-16T17:14:02-05:00” level=error msg=“executing data source” data prefix=integration/com.newrelic.mongodb error=“exit status 1” plugin name=dev3
stderr="[ERR] Invalid arguments: must provide a username argument\n"


Hi @AllCare it would be worth checking out our documentation on mongodb users and privileges, hope this helps :slight_smile:


@rdouglas The documentation does not mention MongoDB databases where Authentication is not enabled.


@sener.koban, currently it is a requirement to have a MongoDB user with clusterMonitor and listCollections roles, though this would make a great Feature Idea addition :slight_smile:


Yep. If there is no authentication enabled (I have an InMemory instance used for caching) then any connection has those permissions.