NRQL Alert condition always returning error while trying to return your chart data

When creating a NRQL alert condition, the preview chart shows the message “We ran into an error while trying to return your chart data.” for the follow query that seems to work ok in Insights:

SELECT max(provider.numberOfMessagesSent.Sum) FROM QueueSample WHERE provider.queueArn = 'arn:aws:sqs:us-east-1:906683028152:QE_Carvim_DLQ'

I can save the alert condition, but I have no idea if it’s actually working. I interpret the error message that there something wrong with my query. Do NRQL alert conditions support QueueSample events coming from my AWS SQS environment?

NRQL alert condition:

Insights dashboard with the same query:

Hi @darrin.allred, I don’t see an error message when I try to view your NRQL alert condition. I’m not seeing this query return data over the last few hours (specifically, 4:30am to 9:30am PT on August 11th), but I do see that it’s rendering a chart nonetheless. If you are still encountering this error, does it persist while in an Incognito or Private window?

As a sidenote, I did notice that the evaluation offset for this condition is quite low, which could prevent a violation from opening in the first place. Because your AWS data is grabbed from CloudWatch at specific polling intervals, there is an expected ingest lag as this data is queried and backfilled. Infrastructure cloud integration alert conditions will account for this latency automatically, but with a NRQL alert condition, this must be done by manually offsetting the query’s time window.

I would recommend reviewing this Level Up post that helps explain data latency in more detail. Otherwise, let me know if you’re still seeing an error on the alert condition’s preview graph, or if you have any other questions.

Thanks for the feedback regarding the offset. I will definitely increase this. You were spot on! Shortly after I posted, I just happen to open an incognito tab in Chrome and the problem went away. This also fixed a CORS error I was getting on the infrastructure alerts page trying to disable an alert condition. I noticed the site was collecting the errors I was getting so maybe there is a log somewhere that might help track down the root cause of the issue. I’m happy as long as incognito keeps working.

So @darrin.allred, in the past we’ve seen CORS errors caused by an ad blocker or some other Chrome extension – you might want to try selectively disabling extensions to see whether an individual one is the culprit. You could also whitelist the affected New Relic domain(s) in your ad blocker to see if that does the trick.

Either way, I’m glad to hear that you’ve bumped up that evaluation offset! Let us know if that alert condition performs as expected from here. Additionally, if you’re still unable to directly pinpoint the source of those browser errors outside of Incognito, I’d be glad to spin this off into a support ticket for further investigation.