NRQL alert for error rate filtering out specific errors

I have an API which has a known error which I want to ignore, I do not want to use the ignore error functionality as I want to keep the error for prioritisation on a backlog. I know the error and the request_uri on which to filter. What I would like is a NRQL query which I can then set the condition to fire above 5% in 3 minutes.

We are running the .Net agent for this so the differences between Transaction errorMessage and TransactionError need to be compensated for.

I think that I actually know the answer, just posting this for other forum visitors to practice on and for future reference. The solution will be posted on the NRQL library


Thanks for posting @stefan_garnham I like that you’re trying to challenge the community members. I look forward to seeing what your solution is :smiley:

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Hi @stefan_garnham

It sounds like you have some custom filtering you’d like to do, but I just wanted to drop a quick suggestion into this thread. Note that this does not include your custom filtering to ignore certain error types (you will have to add that on your own), but here’s a great place to start if you want to create a NRQL alert condition to monitor error percentage:

SELECT filter(count(*), WHERE `error.message` IS NOT null)*100 / filter(count(*), WHERE duration IS NOT null) FROM Transaction, TransactionError WHERE appId = {your_app_id}

I hope this helps! Let us know if you encounter difficulties that need further assistance.

Awww, my miscommunication has given the community members a head start. I did mean anyone from the community.


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