NRQL alerts with Facets is not working

Suraj Koditala

The alert condition is showing as violated but am not getting notification emails. The alert is not showing under triggering incidents as well. Below are the 2 queries which am trying to produce alerts for. I don’t want to add condition for each cluster/service. It should be a blanket alert and if Facet works it will be great.

SELECT max(provider.memoryUtilization.Maximum) as ‘Max Memory utilization (%)’ FROM ComputeSample WHERE provider.clusterName IN (‘7boss-product-assortment-ui-prod’,‘7boss-ordering-ui-prod’) FACET provider.serviceName

FROM LoadBalancerSample SELECT average(provider.healthyHostCount.Average) as ‘healthy hosts’ WHERE provider=‘AlbTargetGroup’ facet cases(WHERE provider.targetGroupName=‘app-ALBTa-12ODAAXJTJLNZ’ as ‘7boss-disort’,WHERE provider.targetGroupName=‘app-o-ALBTa-XY0MUB8ERIJI’ as ‘7boss-order’)

Hi @suraj.koditala1, The alert conditions you have are for cloud integration data. The general practice is to actually set the evaluation offset to at least 15 minutes on a NRQL alert condition that queries cloud integration data. This is to account for the delay in the AWS integration data.

You can find more details on the subject here:

Knowing this, could you increase the evaluation offset to see alert condition opens violations as expected?

Let me know if that helps :slight_smile:


Hi @zahrasiddiqa - Yes, this helps, thank you.
i hope New relic will be able to reduce the offset from 15 minutes as we always look for real time alerts and because of this the MTTD is affecting.

Glad to hear this helped you @suraj.koditala1! We appreciate the feedback about the 15 minute offset. We are always looking to improve the product!

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