NRQL Error Date

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I’m trying one day error query in NRQL with custom attributes. I need to show full timestamp hour value (like 09:24:50). i used dateof and hourof functions but it did not happen like I want.

My query
SELECT count(*) FROM TransactionError WHERE appId = ‘sameAppId’ FACET dateOf(timestamp),hourOf(timestamp), EnvelopeId,error.message SINCE 1 day ago

Thanks !

If you facet you are grouping things in the timeframe. How would you want to list the timestamp if you had 100 items to count? I think there may be a disconnect in faceting a count() and what you might really want to show in a table.

Hi @Okan.YILMAZ, let us know when you have an update for @6MM’s question and we can try exploring further.