NRQL for average response time for top 10 URLs

I would like to see average response times of the top 10 urls hitting my server. I am identifying urls by my

What would the NRQL look like for facetting by top 10 transaction names?

Hi, @shaunak.sontakke: Do you want server response time, or browser page load time? For server response time, query the Transaction event:

SELECT average(duration)
FROM Transaction
WHERE appName = 'Your Application'
FACET name

For page load times, query the PageView event:

SELECT average(duration)
FROM PageView
WHERE appName = 'Your Application'
FACET browserTransactionName

FACET queries return 10 results by default; if you want to see more or fewer than 10 results, you may add a LIMIT clause. Also, NRQL queries the last 60 minutes by default; if you want to query a different time window, you may add SINCE/UNTIL.

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