NRQL for fetching Issues informations

We are building a dashboard for issues for which we wanted informations on

  1. The time taken to close issues
  2. The count of issues for entities
  3. Acknowledgment time for each issues

From what I can see there are way to query similar info for incidents. Like

FROM NrAiIncident SELECT …

But are there a way to fetch similar info for Issues ?

Hey @nevin.sunny ,

I believe your query is very similar Retrieve a List of Alerts
For NRQL conditions, you can use NrAiSignal. Here’s a query to get you started:

FROM NrAiSignal SELECT uniques(conditionId) 

NrAiSignal is a beta entity type, so there is no documentation on it.


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Hey @nevin.sunny,
I found the following article describing NR AI Analytics Events. which might help you.


@sjyoti , are these features released yet ?

Hi @nevin.sunny ,

Two features of the following are released:

  • NrAiIncident shows details from every incident open and close. Keep in mind that this is the newer definition of “incident,” so this will be the most granular form of alert. Read more about the terminology at this link . Documentation for this event type can be found here .
  • NrAiSignal shows details from every NRQL alert condition and every signal on your account, for every aggregation window that passes. This is data that is posted immediately after each aggregation window is aggregated and evaluated, so it will show you exactly what New Relic Alerts is seeing. Documentation for this event type can be found here.

Here are the docs: NrAiIncident: New Relic data dictionary | New Relic Documentation
NrAiSignal : New Relic data dictionary | New Relic Documentation

I hope it helps!