NRQL LIKE clause changed or broken?

Hi all,

I noticed that today the nrql matching on a LIKE clause appears to have changed, as in: doesn’t work as documented.

I have a couple of search-to-conversion funnels on webshops running which worked perfectly until yesterday (2021-4-22)

But as of today queries like:

FROM PageView select funnel(session, where pageUrl like '%/search/%' AS 'search')

stopped matching pageUrl values such as

above query is just a part of the actual query.

the query-builder suggests that LIKE '%/something/%' only match queries with a percentage char in the actual URL whereas according to the NRQL docs a LIKE clause should behave just like the ANSI_SQL equivalent.

could it be that a regression was introduced in the query-parser? Or has the syntax for LIKE clauses changed without updating the documentation?

Hi @hosting9, welcome to the Explorers Hub. Unfortunately we can not offer support for data queries or synthetics scripts but hopefully someone one the community will be able to offer some advice.

Thanks for the reply, but I’m not asking for support on a query.

I’m notifying you of what appears a bug/regression in the NRQL parser wrt LIKE clauses.

It looks like the bug was fixed over the weekend though. Behavior now is as it should be according to the docs.

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Thanks again.

Found what happened. A co-worker disabled cookie tracking. That explains why sessions came up empty.

Sorry for the noise.

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Apologies for the confusion @hosting9! And thanks for letting us know what happened! This might clear up the same issue for others going forward!