NRQL percentage issue, which is overwriting previous value


I want to show percentage value from my different applications (Client, Server) into one column, I have written following NRQL for the same.
“select percentage(uniquecount(sessionID), where “some condition and app is clientname”) + percentage(count(“some another count”), where “some condition and app is serverappname”), where ) as ‘Percentage of count’ from AwsLambdaInvocation, pageaction facet application”
But using above condition my values are coming as,
Application | Percentage of count
App1 | 0%
App2 | 67%

and if I use , instead of + then it showing correct answer but in two columns:
Application |percentage | Percentage of count
App1 | 46% |0%
App2 | 0% | 67%

will it be possible to show above in one column? Thanks in advance for your support.

Thanks & regards,
Prajakta Naik

When you use + you are actually performing math.


I want to show my values in one column as stated above in problem, with adding “,” in between two percentages values they are showing into two column. But I want it into one column that’s why just to check I use “+”, whether those values are coming into one columns or not. But with “+” they are coming into one column but yes values are not correct.
So is there any other way to achieve this?

Thanks & regards,

Currently there is no way to concatenate values in a column. Not completely sure it matters in this situation.