NRQL queries to fetch data from New Relic Synthetic monitors

Hi All,

We have few scripted synthetic monitors.
Now we need to get data like step name,duration of failed step(unable to determine if a step is failed using SyntheticRequest,only monitor failed status is retrieved in syntheticCheck).

Used below queries -

 -  SELECT custom.errorMsg, custom.errorStep ,custom.testCaseStatus, custom.testCase, error, timestamp ,duration, locationLabel, monitorName, result  from SyntheticCheck since 5 months ago limit 500
  -  SELECT host, URL, timestamp, duration, locationLabel, monitorName, responseStatus, responseCode  from SyntheticRequest since 3 months ago limit 500

Please let us know how to fetch the data as required above.

Thanks in Advance:)
New Relic ALM Team

Hi, @RelicALM.New: New Relic Synthetics does not record the timing or success of individual steps, but you may track it in your script and send it as a custom attribute.

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