NRQL query for weekly Synthetics SLA reports

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We are monitoring all my applications by using “NewRelic” Applications. But I want to know NRQL query for specific parameters on weekly basis for all the applications. I am new to NewRelic, since requesting you to guide me on this.

  1. How to run NRQL script in insights? not for one line querry.
  2. NRQL query for the below parameters synthetics SLA report for weekly basis.
    1. End user:
      a. Page Views Thousands
      b. Load Time Sec
      c. Apdex:
      I. % satisfied
      ii. % Tolerating
      iii. % Frustrated
  3. App Server
    a. Requests Millions
    b. Error Rare
    c. Response Time ms
    d. Apdex
    I. % satisfied
    ii. % Tolerating
    iii. % Frustrated

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Hi @revathi.muthana - The post below will help


Hey @revathi.muthana let us know how you do with the thread that Stefan linked :smiley:

Hi, I need a query to view the same information who is showed in the SLA report, but I need in a daily view in greater period than showed in the report. I tryied to used the NRQL posted by @philweber but the information value is distinct from SLA report. Do you know why? There is any other form to view SLA in this way?

Hi @rmello1 - The community post Relic Solution: Using Insights to create the Ultimate SLA report has excellent information about creating an SLA report including NRQL queries to get the data you are looking for. I am not sure this is the NRQL posted by @philweber. If it is I apologize for the duplicate info. If you are looking for more detail than what is in the community post, please let us know and we might be able to assist further.

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