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NRQL Query help


  • The Goal is to Achieve a Chart which compares two APM and gives me Error Message which is present in one APM but not in other for particular duration .

I tried using Filter Option but i was not able to complete Query which gives me above result.


Hi @vandan.pathak - Your query is not currently possible in NRQL. You will probably have to use the Insights API to query for the error message in both APM applications and then parse the results yourself. An API Synthetic test could be used which would you would set to fail when your condition is met.


Hi @vandan.pathak, is it a specific error message you are looking to check for, or a list of error messages only in 1 of the applications?


To give you background . I have 2 Applications. One is Older Version and One is its upgraded version. Both have Different APM name. What i wanted from NRQL to Check error coming in New Version which was not in Older Version . By this i can see what additional Errors i added out of which is occurring even in old version also.
Hope it Makes sense. Let me know.


Hi @vandan.pathak, i’m not sure which 2 apps you are specifically referring to but perhaps you could use something like the following:

SELECT filter(uniques(`error.message`), WHERE appName IN ('NewApp','OldApp' )) FROM TransactionError WHERE appName ='NewApp' SINCE 30 MINUTES AGO

This will first filter all unique error messages associated with those applications and then show the results unique to the New Application. I’ve tried this with 2 random apps from your account and it works :smiley:


Wow… This seems to be perfect… Thanks @rdouglas Champ!!..


No problem at all, glad it worked :smiley: