NRQL Query of APM HttpDispatcher MaxResponse Time Threshold Counts


I am trying to get a count of the number of times that the Max Response Time threshold of > 5000 milliseconds is violated in a time period (say, 1 month).

This dashboard, on the first chart: has a graphic representation of the max violations, but I’m wondering if I can get a count of the number of sampled times that a violation occurred?

Nothing I’ve tried so far, has worked. I suspect I may not be able to query directly into Insights for this data.

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Hi, @ttinnes: You are correct that you cannot query HttpDispatcher data in Insights, because it is metric data, not events. You can, however, query Transaction events, which are roughly equivalent.

This query will give you the number of transactions with a response time greater than 5 seconds within one month (assuming you have at least 30 days of Insights data retention):

SELECT count(*) 
FROM Transaction 
WHERE appName = 'Admin' AND duration > 5 
SINCE 30 days ago

Hey, thanks, Phil! A follow-up question: I had thought duration to be an event of Synthetics or Browser (backendDuration+domProcessingDuration+pageRenderingDuration, etc). How does Insights store these events if this particular application is not publicly visible and there’s no Synthetics/Browser test? Or is there another definition of this term? Not to be argumentative, but I’ll be asked. I’m happy to do my own homework, if you can point me to the lit that explains. Thank you!

Duration is an attribute of PageView, SyntheticCheck, and Transaction events. For PageView, it measures the total page load time; for SyntheticCheck, it measures the monitor runtime; and for Transaction, it measures the transaction execution time. The default events and attributes are documented here:

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