NRQL Query on One Relic Dashboard - Mutliple Account Data

How do I create a dashboard widget on New Relic One that has 1 widget, 1 query, but accesses the data from multiple accounts/sub accounts?

Hi, @tim.davis: Not possible. A query (and associated widget) may only display data from a single account. You may, however, put widgets that query different accounts on a single dashboard.

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The size and format of data makes that a bit difficult to manage real estate. The best setup I have been able to manage to make the output valuable to the reader is a 50/50 split left and right and full top/bottom. Hard to do multiple accounts that way. Unfortunate I guess. Will look into using the API to pull the data and create our own dashboard externally.

I’m struggling to find the associated feature idea topic here in the Explorers Hub, but I’m sure there is one.

Regardless - I know that the requests for multi-account queries have been gaining in popularity internally and among NR Users. I’ll add your +1 and hope for some update on it soon.

At last review this feature was not accepted to be added to the roadmap. This request has been closed.