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NRQL RPS / unique hosts


I’m trying to graph RPS by application, per host. What I have so far is SELECT rate(count(*), 1 second) / count(host) from Transaction facet appName limit 50 since 7 days ago which is close, but I’m not sure how to do something like count host where host is the app I'm faceting by. Is that possible?


Hi @zacanger - If you change your facet statement to FACET host, appName then you will get the RPA for each host broken down by appName. For just the RPS per host then change to FACET host.


That’s, that’s not quite what I’m looking for but does help.


Ah, re-read your question and I think that FACET appName, host will give you the result.


@zacanger, I do believe Stefan has the answer here (as he often does!).
Did that give you what you need?


Yes, that’ll work for me, thanks!