NRQL : SINCE 1 week ago, gives only the results of today not of entire week, can someone please help, Thanks

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Hi, @Alwin_Anthony.Tiwari: If you have at least one Essentials, Pro, or Enterprise New Relic product, you receive access to Insights Free as part of that subscription. The amount of Insights data retained for each product is detailed here: For example, an APM Essentials subscription will retain 3 days of standard Insights events; a Pro or Enterprise subscription retains 8 days of standard events. Insights Free accounts retain custom events for one day.

If an Insights query returns data for only one day, it may be because you are querying custom events, or because you do not have a paid subscription to any New Relic product.

Hi Phil, Thank you for the quick response.
I had a question here, what do you mean by “querying custom events” ?
I am trying to query pageView of a particular Browser App.
I am new to NewRelic, please correct me if I am missing something here.

Here is the query that I am using
SELECT pageUrl, duration FROM PageView SINCE 1 week ago UNTIL today WHERE appName =‘TELUS IQ Buy Production’ LIMIT 1000

“Custom events” refers to events that you send programmatically from your code. PageView is a standard Browser event.

In looking at your account, I see that you have an Enterprise subscription, and there is PageView data for your application going back to 15 March. I think the issue is that Insights can return a maximum of 1000 rows in a single query and your application has more than 1000 PageViews per day, so you are only seeing results for one day.

You might try this query instead:

SELECT average(duration) FROM PageView 
SINCE 1 week ago WHERE appName = 'TELUS IQ Buy Production' 
FACET pageUrl

Thanks a lot Phil, that makes sense as the result might for one day might be more than 1000 records. Also attaching our Company’s TELUS subscription details here

Just wanted to check with you, can you share me sample NRQL’s please.
So that I can refer to them and generate reports on my dashboard.

Thank you

There are a number of NRQL examples in our documentation:

You may also find this discussion thread helpful: Useful Insights NRQL queries library

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Thanks a lot Phil for your assistance. Much Appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi Phil, Can I ask you for a help, I am writing a query to display a pie chart.
I am need to display 3 sections of the page load times in seconds
0 to 4
4 to 12
Greater than 12

I have written a query but this doesnt seems to be correct, can you please help me?
SELECT count(duration) FROM PageView WHERE appName =‘TELUS IQ Buy Production’ FACET buckets(duration, width: 3) SINCE 1 week ago

The buckets function takes three parameters: attribute, maximum value, and width; you are only passing two. Try this:

SELECT count(duration) FROM PageView 
WHERE appName ='TELUS IQ Buy Production' 
FACET buckets(duration, 12, 3) SINCE 1 week ago

I don’t think it’s possible to do exactly what you’re trying to do: buckets (and histogram) always split the range of values into equal segments.

Great Thank you so much Phil

My bad I did not go thorough the buckets syntax documentation properly.