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NRQL text field unusable in Firefox Quantum



I cannot enter NRQL queries in the text field for querying from NewRelic Insights when using Firefox Quantum. It doesn’t seem to reliably and consistently accept keyboard input or mouse input. Sometimes I can type in the field, but it will not let me move the cursor or edit an existing query.


Hey @JONATHAN.NEUFELD - I just installed the latest version of Firefox Quantum (Version 64.0 [64-bit])

The Insights UI is working perfectly for me over there. The query bar is as responsive as in Chrome.

It may be possible that any extensions or plugins you have installed in Firefox are blocking certain UI functionality. Could you try again without any extensions/plugins enabled?


Hi, @JONATHAN.NEUFELD: On what operating system are you experiencing this issue?


Also please check the page view size sometime that can cause this too.

so ensure the page size is btw 80 - 100 %.



@JONATHAN.NEUFELD - Hey Jonathan, Is the query bar in Firefox still unresponsive for you?
Let us know if we can help further.



I’ve noticed that in recent versions of Firefox, the contents from the NRQL bar can not be copied. It’s not a major issue, but it can be a bit inconvenient.


Thanks for the feedback @orian - I’ll get that passed on to the team.