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NRQL to check monitors with private minions


Hi, I want to know if its possible to query monitors which are running from private locations with no minions present. At some time it was working and had monitors executing so plenty of scripts are configured. Need to identify them with a query.

Similar to : SELECT monitorName FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE locationLabel=’’


Hi, @Mohd.Salman2: You want to identify monitors that are no longer running? I don’t think that is possible; monitors only send data to Insights when they run. Insights has no information about monitors that are not running.


Hmm, if there was data to start with but no longer any data then this query may be the answer. However, if no data was created in Insights then you will never get a result.

SELECT latest(timestamp) FROM SyntheticCheck WHERE locationLabel='xxxx' SINCE 1 month ago

I add a long time period to ensure I get as many events checked as possible :wink:


@Mohd.Salman2 if there is no minion provisioned at a Private Location then monitors will not run so there won’t be any data in Insights, they will be put into a queue to run once a Minion is present


Hi there @Mohd.Salman2 - I wanted to check back in to see if you ended up getting the answer to your question here. How have things worked out?