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NRQL vs Metrics Value difference



When i try to get transaction count for specific transaction for a specific minute from NRQL and compare that value with the value we got from the Insight dashboard (metrics based) .I can see a huge variance. I have attached screen shots of the two sources. Can some explain the possible reasons for this ? new_relic_01

NRQL vs Metrics Data Difference

When I try to get transaction count from NRQL for specific minute and compare that with the value I got from the Insight dashboard. I can see a huge difference. Can someone explain why ? new_relic_01new_relic_02


You have two different time windows.


You may also want to look at the rate function which could give better results.


In addition to the advice from @stefan_garnham & @6mm, check out this post in which @philweber mentions that there is a limit to the Insights events collected.